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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Closing Your In-Ground Pool

Ten steps to close down swim season

It’s tough to imagine, but with Labor Day upon us and temperatures beginning to drop, pool owners everywhere have to start thinking about closing their pool for winter.  And while the project isn’t that tough of an assignment, doing it incorrectly or failing to do it at all is a nearly foolproof way to create a lot of extra work and repair when spring rolls back around.

To help you out we’ve put together a quick checklist that many of our customers find to be helpful.  Give it a read – we think it is helpful.  And let us suggest that while you’re reading through it that you run a mental checklist to make sure you’ve got the necessary products on hand before you get going.  If you’re running low or don’t have something you think you’ll need, visit our winterizing accessories page to get in stock.  

Warm Your Pool; Selecting a Pool Heater

Heat it up 

Extending your pool season is always a good idea.  Not only will the kids get to splash into the fall season, everyone will get the benefit of a warm pool to continue their work out regimen, gain physical activity hours and add more quality family time.