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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Just Keep Swimming

The benefits of water fitness

Swimming has always been a leisure activity, even before being a competitive sport or its admission into the olympics, it's been used as a way to relax and have a good time.  Here are some reasons to just keep swimming your way to a plethora of benefits.

1.  Peace and tranquility can seep into your life with a few laps. 

Add waterproof music with submergible MP3 and headphones, or go with a poolside iPod speaker.  Whether you're a music person, or you just prefer the bond between silence and splashing water, the outcome of being in the water will be the same--regardless.

2.  Low impact equals low injury rate. 

Gravity can't pull down on the body while it's immersed in the pool, which means that knees, hips, shoulders, back and neck are given a cushion while being worked.   In fact, people with illness, disability or disease find that the water is a gracious companion, often times it empowers and energizes its willing entrants.  With the addition of a lift chair to most public pools, nearly everyone can enjoy water's perks.

3.  The body can move and heal simultaniously.  

Runners, contact sport players, weight-lifters and many other athletes use the pool as a form of rehab when injured at their sport of choice.  Physical trainers and therapists use water, both cool and warm, for their clients or team members to restore heath and maintain flexibility.

4.  Full bodied workout in one location.  

Not only is the cardiovascular system getting a workout while swimming, the arms, shoulders, legs, hips, core and back are all being worked.  The water provides a natural resistance and builds lean muscle as well as burning fat and calories.  Just like other workout programs, the more you do it, the longer the benefits.  The metabolism works harder and your circulatory system works more efficiently which can ward off disease and extend your quality of life.

5.  No age restrictions.  

From birth to the golden, wise years of life, swimming can be a lifetime fitness endeavor which can prove to be quite a confidence builder.  Often times, older generations swim neck and neck with their younger counterparts.

6.  A temperature regulating sport.

Many other sports require an outdoor environment, or if indoors, induce increased body temperature and perspiration.  Swimming regulates the body temperature; whether indoor or outdoor.  The water acts as a coolant keeping the body in check, despite the activity level.

7.  It just feels good.  

After a jog, hike, run or competitive sport, joints get achy and sore. An anticipated feeling of exhaustion usually accompanies the aforementioned pain, causing a necessary rest period to regain energy and stamina.  Swimming affords the luxury of feeling energized after a workout, leaving limbs flexible and pain-free.

So go ahead, take the plunge and just keep swimming, just keep swimming...