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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Break Blues?

Do not let summer go without a fight!

July ends.  August begins.  It’s an annual event, yet still, it catches people off guard.  We look up and August is nearly over.  Schools are back in session, leaves are falling and we begin the prep work required for the winter hibernation season that awaits.
STOP! It doesn’t have to be that way this season. Your head doesn’t need to hit the pillow in late September with the wishful regret of unfulfilled pool memories.

This can be the year that you leave nothing on the table and nothing can make it happen like having the right pool toys.  Laying around a pool and reading a book is nice.  Getting the deep, dark tan you’ve dreamed of is a fine goal.  Grilling out burgers for the neighbors is a great way to meet new people.

But nothing, I repeat, nothing creates the memories and laughter like having the right pool toys.  It’s not too late.  There is still plenty of pool time ahead of you before you have to shut it down for the winter.  At Family Pool Fun we offer a complete selection of memory-making pool and poolside toys that can help you cram in a few additional laughs before summer closes its door for another year.

Have a cannon ball or belly flop contest after you've installed a new diving board.  Get that extra height, bounce and desired tidal wave, or maybe you'd prefer to work on your diving form. Remember, there is always a long line behind every public pool diving board.
A favorite for generations, pool slides offer a great way to get into the pool while delivering hours of fun (and adventure) for your little ones.  One popular option is the Turbo Twister 8' Swimming Pool Slide that keeps your swimmers splashing with its continual water supply.  Check out other models of varying sizes, colors and design.  There is something suited for every budget.
If sliding into the pool isn’t your game, then maybe you’d prefer chipping into it.  Our Aqua Pool Golf Game hits the spot for any budget and offers you a great way to stay at the top of your game.  While the Pro Tour Floating Golf Green takes the action to a whole new level with a putting green and fringe.  The Giant Shootball Pool Basketball Float is a favorite with many families as it offers one of America’s favorite hard court games in the water.
Looking to relax in the pool?  How about an Island Pool Float made to hold up to eight kids?  Or maybe a game made for the kids like our Arcade Shooter Inflatable Pool Float that allows kids to complete in a water gun race just like at the arcade?
There are simply too many options to list here, so why not check out our huge selection of inflatables and pool toys before summer passes you by?