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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

August and Algae

The month without a holiday needs your attention.

Not until after the month of August has graced us with humidity and heat, will you need close down the pool.  Or if you live in the South, you may stay open for business.  Until then, enjoy and create some sort of August holiday or tradition, an event that neighbors, friends, church members or fellow co-workers can attend.  Host a family reunion or a back-to-school pool party.  Make it center around your pool and stretch out the last few weeks of summer.  There are several weeks left of humid, sun-filled, hot days.

Here are some things to remember for the month of August; amid all the celebration.  Treat your pool right, protect it from going green, yellow or black.  Yes, algae comes in several different colors.

Summer Break Blues?

Do not let summer go without a fight!

July ends.  August begins.  It’s an annual event, yet still, it catches people off guard.  We look up and August is nearly over.  Schools are back in session, leaves are falling and we begin the prep work required for the winter hibernation season that awaits.
STOP! It doesn’t have to be that way this season. Your head doesn’t need to hit the pillow in late September with the wishful regret of unfulfilled pool memories.