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Monday, May 20, 2013

Salt-Friendly Pools

As little as five years ago, had you tried to use salt chlorination in your pool instead of chlorine, you would have voided your pool manufacturers’ warranty and set yourself up for serious rust-related problems down the road. But as the saying goes: the times they are changing. And fast!

Today, potential pool buyers that want to avoid chlorine and instead go with the more economical and less skin-irritating solution of salt-chlorination have a vast selection of pools to choose from. We currently offer seven models designed for buyers that prefer saltwater versus chlorine.

In previous years, many above ground pools relied heavily on steel components to support the pool. This would have included steel support beams and bottom plates. While steel is certainly a strong metal, when it is in constant contact with saltwater, the rusting process speeds up and a breakdown of the metal occurs at a quicker clip that when exposed to traditional chlorine-filtered water.

We at Family Pool Fun are proud to offer a variety of models that have adapted to meet the growing popularity of today’s saltwater consumers. One of the greatest adjustments made by pool manufacturers to meet this growing demand was to transition steel parts to aluminum, thereby alleviating traditional rust problems. Manufacturers also began coating exposed steel pieces to virtually eliminate the damage that could be done by saltwater.

Finally, over the last few years, the thermoplastic known as resin has become a key element in providing support for pools while holding up against environmental and man-made elements that would have harmed an above ground pool in the past. Resin is a common material use in plastic tubing, packaging and even in the rock-solid Lego building toys that most of the world is familiar with.

Once you’ve chosen salt over chlorine, check out any of the pools listed below and be confident knowing that they are ready to meet the demands of your family as you swim, chlorine-free, in your new pool.

Opera 52” Steel Above Ground Pool

Venetian 54” Steel Above Ground Pool

Grand Bahama EZ 54” Resin Above Ground Pool

Tahitian 54” Resin Above Ground Pool

Cozumel EZ 54” Resin Above Ground Pool

Odyssey 54” Resin Above Ground Pool

Matrix 54” Resin Above Ground Pool

And don’t forget, we offer great financing options and a six month price match guarantee! When you choose saltwater, you can trust that Family Pool Fun has the right pool at the right price for you and your family!