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Monday, May 6, 2013

Proper Swimwear Care

Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming in an above ground or in-ground pool, enjoying an indoor pool fitness class, or just wading with the kids in the pool, most likely you’ve worn swimwear. Has your swimsuit done its job by keeping you covered? The question is reciprocal, are you taking care of your swimwear; ensuring its life and functionality? Here is a guide to help you nurture the important, easily overlooked, small things.


When completing most activities that require getting dirty, typically a shower or hand washing ensues. Same is true of your swimwear, it wants to be clean as well. Since a proper washing usually cannot occur immediately after a swim at the pool, spa, sauna, lake, or ocean; a rinsing will suffice until proper tools become available. Purchasing or installing an outdoor shower for you and your guests is a great way to begin swimwear hygiene.


Unlike what you may have heard, swimwear can be laundered in the washing machine. However, you mustn’t use regular detergents, regular wash cycles or attempt to dry your suit in the dryer. These things will compromise important structures in the fabric and leave you with undesirable results. Use specific detergents designed for delicate fabrics, as well as a gentle wash cycle. Lay flat or line dry. Avoid outdoor drying as the sun fades and breaks down the suit’s elastic fibers. Unnecessary wear inflicted when not wearing a suit should, and can be prevented. If you prefer hand washing, mix detergent in the sink, gently wash and wring carefully and sufficiently.


While your swimwear is operational, precautions can be taken to protect its overall health. When sitting on the side of the pool, put a towel or mat in place to prevent snagging or pilling. While sunbathing, avoid the use of lotions and oils on the swimsuit itself. Shade yourself when needed; this will not only assist your swimsuit, but protect your skin as well. Clothe yourself with a sarong or cover-up when not swimming or sunbathing to guard your suit from the sun. Have an assortment of suits and rotate their wear. Never leave a wet suit un-rinsed in a plastic bag or rolled up in a towel; this can encourage the multiplication of potentially harmful bacteria's. Lastly, utilize the shade as much as possible by sitting under an umbrella, or laying on a covered pool float during long exposures to the summer sun.