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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Opening Your Pool For Summer

It has been said that one day away from your pool is one day too long.  While we’re not sure who actually said that, you can probably identify with the statement.

Important steps to prepare your pool for a big splash.

1) Remove leaves and debris off your pool cover and then drain the water.  While this can be a one person job, having two or more people is more efficient and less frustrating.

2) Reconnect and tighten all pipe work unions, reopen any flow line valves, check and replace any drain plugs on the pump and filter.

3) Fill your pool’s water level about one inch higher than normal operating level.  This will allow you to flush and rinse your filter before you test, add and balance chemicals.

4) Check your ladder, time clock and heater. 

5) Chemical time!  If you shut your pool down properly prior to winter, then this step may not be as complicated as it sounds.  For starters, consider the quality of the water you see once you get the cover off.  If you’re using chlorine as your sanitizer, be sure to test for chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity. Remember a good pH balance should come in somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6 when you test.

6) Once your pH is correct, add chlorine shock to your skimmer followed by one or two 3" chlorine pucks in the skimmer basket.

Let’s recap.  At this point you’ve cleaned your cover and removed any floating debris from your pool. You’ve checked your pool’s connections and made the necessary adjustments.  Your filter has been turned on and you went to work testing and balancing your chemicals.  Remember, not all pools or systems are the same, but this covers the basics.  We always recommend reviewing the specifics of your pool and systems.  However, the above points should get you headed, at the very least, in the right direction.  Your pool is supposed to be fun, so once you get these early season steps out of the way make sure you remember why you got your pool in the first place.  Perform your weekly maintenance routines and tests throughout summer to avoid any major corrections.