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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Metal or Resin - What’s the Best Pool For Me?

So you’ve made your first decision and it’s a good one. Choosing an above-ground pool
is a much more affordable option when compared to the alternative. The above-ground
variety also offers more flexibility since they can be taken down, moved and reassembled
at almost any location.

But how do you choose which material is right for your pool? Aluminum, steel and resin
all offer unique benefits. Let’s break it all down in five easy steps:

1) What About Maintenance?

Each of the three will always require some type of upkeep. They will also require you to
do some routine maintenance and structure checks occasionally.
Aluminum pools offer a great alternative to resin (or plastic) pools due to their cost and
relatively lightweight designs. However, like with anything made of a metal, rust
(corrosion), oxidation and pitting can create small holes in your pool over time.

Steel is undoubtedly the strongest of all the options available to you and, generally, the
most affordable. However, steel has a tendency to rust faster than most metals when in
constant contact with water.

Resin, or plastic (synthetic) pools are the most expensive of the three options available
to you. However, they tend to live better with water than any metal. That means that rust
should be the least of your worries. When rust is removed from the equation, many
users find that resin pools look newer and cleaner. Additionally, most resin pool owners
report that they don’t have to worry about the aluminum or steel heating up during the
hot summer months.

2) What About Wear and Tear?

Steel, or galvanized, pools can really take a beating. Whether you plan to just swim and
relax or play volleyball while kids are jumping off the sides, the steel pool conforms to
the use by stretching and using its “bend and bounce” nature.
Aluminum pools also offer a certain degree of flexibility and sometimes that type of
forgiveness is just what family needs with an active family.

Resin pools certainly offer a softer feel and a more modern look, but with that benefit
comes the risk of cracking. To avoid cracking due to sun, be sure your pool is sealed
with a UV coating that is made specifically to relieve the stress of the hot sun.
3) Still Not Sure?

As the future owner of a new above-ground pool, you and your family are the only ones
that can truly decide what is right for you. Before making the purchase, be sure to

A) What’s your budget?
B) Will you ever move your pool?
C)What kind of maintenance do you want to perform?
D) If you’re in a very hot climate, consider the way that metal pools heat up in the sun.