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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pool Safety

Steps for safe swimming 

It is true that swimming is a favorite, relaxing and fun outdoor, or indoor activity.  It is also true that it can be dangerous if safety requirements are not met.  True yet again is the fact that May and June are the most dangerous months for swimming or boating.

Many things contribute to these statistics.

-The excitement of opening the pool at the first sign of spring/summer may cause some to overlook key safety measures.

-The fact that the majority of swimmers have taken the winter off, which usually deteriorates their skill set, while increasing their courage or excitability.

-Pool safety equipment may be broken or failing.

-Parents or caregivers may be relaxed or distracted, which surprisingly is the leading cause of dangerous water-related incidents.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Opening Your Pool For Summer

It has been said that one day away from your pool is one day too long.  While we’re not sure who actually said that, you can probably identify with the statement.

Important steps to prepare your pool for a big splash.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Protect Your Party Guests From Bug Bites

Plant Herbs - Deter pests from your patio or backyard

Herbs have multiple uses and natural propertiesNot only will herbs add lushness to your landscape, they supply many needs as well.  Use them in your best recipes, as medicine, or as a sunburn remedy.  Another benefit is their ability to naturally repel mosquitos and other flying pests.  Plant a border of herbs and enjoy their scent when the breeze blows.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easy Poolside Party Foods

Things to consider before choosing food for your party:

Temperature - Dairy foods and dips can spoil easily in high temperatures.
Utensils - Using one utensil will allow guests to stand. 
Preparation/clean up - Guests and hosts enjoy an easy prep/clean up.
Quantity/cost - Choose foods can you mass quantify, with the least cost.

Natural Pest Repellent - The Safe Alternative

Guide to essential oil and herbal pest repellent

It’s always a good idea to enjoy the warm sunshine of spring and summer on a patio, at a pool party, or a family barbecue.  Unfortunately, there are many flying, crawling, and biting pests that attempt to ruin fun by feasting on you, or your food. 

Here are some alternative, great-smelling, safe ideas to win the battle of the buzz; and this isn’t a rumor.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

Salt-Friendly Pools

As little as five years ago, had you tried to use salt chlorination in your pool instead of chlorine, you would have voided your pool manufacturers’ warranty and set yourself up for serious rust-related problems down the road. But as the saying goes: the times they are changing. And fast!

Today, potential pool buyers that want to avoid chlorine and instead go with the more economical and less skin-irritating solution of salt-chlorination have a vast selection of pools to choose from. We currently offer seven models designed for buyers that prefer saltwater versus chlorine.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The History of Swimwear

Ever wonder how the swimsuit evolved?

350 B.C - Like many other things, the Greeks were the first to use a bathing costume for leisure swimming. They later used togas.

1800 - A new form of transportation exploded in the travel industry: the railroad. This new innovation offered the ability to explore more territory and with exploring came adventure and leisure swimming.

Proper Swimwear Care

Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming in an above ground or in-ground pool, enjoying an indoor pool fitness class, or just wading with the kids in the pool, most likely you’ve worn swimwear. Has your swimsuit done its job by keeping you covered? The question is reciprocal, are you taking care of your swimwear; ensuring its life and functionality? Here is a guide to help you nurture the important, easily overlooked, small things.

Summer Pool Games

Whether you’re celebrating the opening of your pool, having a birthday party, throwing a neighborhood shin-dig or organizing a family reunion, you’ll be needing some ideas to pass time and cool off as the summer heats up your backyard pool.

 Regardless of age, everyone’s sure to enjoy a pool game. As a participant or a spectator, laughter is sure to ensue. Get ahead by gathering a few supplies in preparation for the arrival of fun.

Sunburn Remedies


We’ve all been there, light skin, dark skin and everything in between. We’ve had that day where you told yourself it would be okay to forgo the application of sunscreen. The dreaded decision that made changing clothes, sleeping, washing your face and even taking a shower feel slightly more like torture than hygiene maintenance. For these days when we forget to apply or reapply, feel we had enough base tan to manage, or we just plumb ran out of SPF, here are some tips to nurse assaulted skin back to health and help take the sting out of the memory.

Items you’ll need for this toolkit:

Sunburn Prevention

Several decades ago, a suntan was a highly sought after look. Since then, research has shown that this suntanned look is not only age-speeding, it’s cancer-causing. Suntan lotion companies switched their focus from sun-baking suntan oils to suntan prevention products, which include SPF protection from dangerous UVA & UVB rays.

Five Common Pool Problems

Blizzards, get behind us. Early sunsets, be gone. Time to come home, leaves. So good to see you again, feathered friends!
As winter disappears into your rearview mirror, it is time to set your sights straight ahead - to your pool. Whether your pool is used as the epicenter of neighborhood gatherings or just a haven of relaxation for your family, there is something that every pool owner can agree on: missing one day in the pool because of a problem is one day too many.
Refer to the list below for five common issues with swimming pools and where to begin fixing them so you don’t have to give up more pool time than needed.

Top 10 Ways to use your Noodle!

Take control of the noodle population, create memories with the family, have the best party games and even construct unique crafts, just by using your noodle!

1.  Construct a Race Car Track or Marble Slide

Fun for the neighbors, party friends, or the kiddos, this is sure to be a competitive highlight of any gathering. Slice the pool noodle evenly from top to bottom revealing the hallowed out center track. Create signs indicating start and finish. Use an old shoe box or plastic bin for the finish line, or allow the cars and marbles to roll freely. Add a theme of Pixar’s Cars or even Nascar to spice it up a bit.

Learn to Swim at Any Age

We’ve all had the experience of heading into the pool, uneasy of what may happen. For some of us, we can’t remember it. For others, we have a vivid recollection of this momentous event, and still there are others who haven’t yet conquered this important survival skill. Like anything else in life, it’s never too late to learn.

After all, we started swimming before we were born. Here are a few activities to help anyone, at any age, enjoy the process of learning to swim. Not all experiences will be the same as we’re all genetically unique beings, so don’t be frustrated with yourself, or your little ones. It may take awhile to warm up to being in the water. Also, it’s highly recommended beginning this process in a safe pool area, not at the beach where currents and waves are a significant factor that may hinder learning by instilling fear.

Progressive Strategies to Start Swimming With Confidence.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Metal or Resin - What’s the Best Pool For Me?

So you’ve made your first decision and it’s a good one. Choosing an above-ground pool
is a much more affordable option when compared to the alternative. The above-ground
variety also offers more flexibility since they can be taken down, moved and reassembled
at almost any location.

But how do you choose which material is right for your pool? Aluminum, steel and resin
all offer unique benefits. Let’s break it all down in five easy steps: